Nike Revolution 4 20210801

The appearance of the appearance is beautiful, the color is comfortable and glossy, noble and elegant with a little blue! The comfort should be comfortable. The shock absorption effect of running is obvious. The sole plate should be more comfortable after exercise! I haven’t seen the details of the workmanship. The workmanship is still worth recommending. The size is still very good. Usually, it is as big as it is. It’s just right to wear. The air permeability has not found any foot odor yet. The air permeability is still good!

Jingdong Logistics really did not say, in the morning to think about things, the afternoon came. Come on! Good packaging is a waste of resources, ah, a big box in a shoe box, environmental protection point good! The shoes were very satisfied. There was no smell or color difference at all. It’s not just good luck to be comfortable! The shoe size is too small. 36’s feet fit only when they wear 37.5. I ran around this morning to experience it. Soft and hard is just right. Too soft can’t support and protect feet very well. Too hard shoes will make you angry. This is just right. If you continue to be satisfied, you will consider matching a pair for your husband.

Nike Revolution 4

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