adidas Tubular Shadow 20210809

Two dozen coupons didn’t get the shell and finally got into the 320 of the price. What’s more, the shoe’s comfort level is not much better than boost. But after all, the price can’t be too expensive to deliver too much. It’s awesome that the shoes are not defective, so it’s good for the husband to work and wear well. He can match the black trousers and the whole is satisfied. I hope to buy his shoes for my next time.

It’s very hard when I just received it. But it should be frozen outside. It’s much better after I put it in the house. It looks good. The workmanship is very good. The sole is not soft. At the beginning, there are some feet stuck on the wrist. It’s much better to wear at the back. Generally speaking, it’s very good~

adidas Tubular Shadow

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